Bipolar Disorder

MAPrc’s researchers are currently working on a number of projects investigating new diagnostic and treatment methods for people experiencing bipolar disorders, the details of which can be found below

The following projects are currently recruiting participants.  Please contact us if you wish to receive futher information or to take part in a project.

EVestG (ElectrovestibuloGraphy)
We are currently trialling a new technique, EVestG (ElectrovestibuloGraphy) as an objective method for diagnosing participants with bipolar affective disorder. For further information click here or contact MAPrc on 9076 6564 or email
NRAMP - National Register of Antipsychotic Medication in Pregnancy
Observational study for women who are taking or have taken antipsychotic medications during their pregnancy. For further information click here or contact Heather Gilbert on 9076 6591 or email
Auditory verbal hallucinations
A large-scale phenomenological study investigating the physical characteristics as well as underlying beliefs related to auditory verbal hallucinations, also known as 'voice-hearing' experiences, in diverse clinicial populations, including bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia, as well as non-clinical groups. For further information click here or contact Dr Wei Lin Toh on 9076 5712 or