Addiction is the most stigmatized health disorder globally, and on average it takes between 15-20 years from the onset of problems to an individual getting treatment. For women, stigma is the number one barrier to help-seeking; but existing paradigms are largely driven by research in males, translating to treatment that is effective for males. There is a gap in what we know about what works best for women with addiction. 

The work of this group focuses on investigating treatments for addiction through a gender lens. Our particular research strengths are in clinical research, and recruitment and retention in clinical populations, including people with methamphetamine and opioid use disorders. 


WhAM – Women, Hormones, Alcohol use and Mood

Investigators: Arunogiri, S., Gurvich, C., Thomas, N., Kulkarni, J., Lubman, D.

  • An 8 week study on how mood and alcohol use relates to menstrual cycle
  • In women aged 18-40 who are not taking hormonal contraceptive 
  • Women will be invited to attend an assessment at MAPrc or Turning Point; and will be asked to complete online questionnaires and at-home tests for 8 weeks   
  • Participants will be reimbursed (up to $220) for their time and participation
Interested in participating? Contact our research officer, Davinia Rizzo at  or call 0481 322 258 to find out more


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