MAPrc’s researchers are currently working on a number of projects investigating new diagnostic and treatment methods for people experiencing depression




The following projects are currently recruiting participants. Please contact us if you wish to receive information or take part in a project. 

Mood and Oral Contraceptives 
An observational study of women taking / not taking hormonal contraception (i.e. COCP, POP, Implanon, DMPA) exploring current mood & risk and resistance factors for adverse mood change. To take part in this study you must be a female 18 years of age or older, able to give informed consent and not currently pregnant, breast-feeding or menopausal. For further information click here or contact our friendly team on 9076 6564 or email






Step outside of your depression...

... and look for options.

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Before you begin the research study, we will give you detailed information about the research, study drug and any other relevant information for participating in the research study.  We encourage you to ask questions until you are sure that you fully understand the nature and the requirements. 

For more information, please contact our friendly Aria team via email or call 9076 6564.