Administration Staff

MAPrc has a strong administration team with many years of experience between them. 

They are the key people who ensure that MAPrc is run in a smooth and efficient way.



Anne Crawford

Anne Crawford started with Medicine of the Mind at MAPrc in January 2009.

Anne is the Administrative Officer for MBBS Medicine of the Mind clinical Psychiatric teaching, and arranges the psychiatric placement schedule and tutorial timetable for 4th year MBBS students at the Alfred.

Anne is based at MAPrc and works part-time (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).




Bernadette Cheshire

Bernadette joined the MAPrc team as Administration Assistant and Receptionist  in 2015. 

Cindy Yu

Cindy Yu 
Cindy is the Assistant Coordinator for Womens Mental Health Clinic. 

Michaela Corr

Ms Michaela Corr joined the Women’s Mental Health team in May 2016 as the Executive Officer to Professor Jayashri Kulkarni. Ms Corr provides executive support to the Women’s Mental Health team, particularly with regards to the coordination of philanthropic grant applications, development of partner relations, and overseeing the operations of the WMH Clinic.
Ms Corr holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration which she completed at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ms Corr’s previous experience has been in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors with a special focus on fundraising, business development and administration.
Ms Corr is very passionate about mental health. Through her work and travel experience, she has experienced firsthand the positive impact that increased awareness, and improved services for sufferers of mental ill health, can have on a community which is why she feels very grateful to be part of the MAPrc team.