Participant Information

What information is collected

Participation in NRAMP is voluntary. Women can join the study at any time during pregnancy or up to 12 months postnatally.

Information is gathered approximately every six - eight weeks during pregnancy, via telephone and/or face-to-face interviews. The information collected includes:

• the mother’s social, family and medical history
• details of the mother’s mental illness and medications prescribed
• obstetric history and outcomes
• information about the baby’s health and wellbeing

The researcher may also collect additional information about the participant’s medical history from the healthcare professionals involved in her care, if the participant gives her permission.

During the first year of the baby’s life, the researcher also contacts the mother when the baby is six weeks, 12 weeks, six months and 12 months old. This is to ask the mother about:

• her health
• her baby’s health
• her experiences of being a mother

NRAMP Documents:
• Participant Information & Consent Form (PI&CF) - for the use of participants
  • This provides a lay description of the study, plus two consent forms which need to be signed by potential participants if they wish to take part.
  • Clinicians may wish to provide a copy of the PI&CF to their patients, who are then advised to read through the information thoroughly to gain a good understanding of the study before consents are signed.
  • A witness to the potential participant's consent is also required, which may be a partner, family member, friend or clinician.
  • Participation is always voluntary, and participants may withdraw from the study at any time should they wish to do so.
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