Dr Caroline Gurvich



Dr Caroline Gurvich

Caroline is a Senior Research Fellow and a clinical neuropsychologist.

Caroline is the Deputy Director, MAPrc and Deputy Driector of the Women’s Mental Health Division at MAPrc, and Head of the “Hormones and Cognition Group".  Caroline combines neuropsychological assessments with eye movement research to clearly characterise cognition.  She has a particular interest in how hormones influence cognitive functioning in mental health and illness. 

Caroline has over 75 publications that have ultimately contributed to a better understanding of how biological factors influence symptoms and cognition in mental health and mental illness. She is the recipient of several awards, prizes and competitive grant funding, including NHMRC project grants, an NHMRC early career fellowship, Rebecca Cooper Foundation project grant as well as institutional and philanthropic funding. She is a dedicated supervisor to PhD candidates, honours students, neuropsychology registrars and medical student placements. Caroline has established ongoing biodatabanks to better understand biological mechanisms underpinning symptoms across a range of neuropsychiatric disorders.  

Caroline is also passionate about gender equity in science and is the Chair of the central clinical school Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion (GEDI) committee.


Current projects and key areas of interest

Sex hormones and cognition

  • "Hormones and the Mind" - tracking hormones and cognition across the menstrual cycle in healthy women and women with premenstrual mood disorders

  • Cognitive changes associated with the menopause transition

  • The role of sex hormones in healthy cognitive aging as well as cognitive decline

Eye movements in psychiatry

  • Establishing eye movement profiles across a range of neuropsychiatric disorders including schizophrenia spectrum, complex trauma disorders, depression and hormone related conditions

Stress hormones, early life adversity and cognition

  •  Understanding the impact of early life adversity and stress on adult cognition 

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Student Supervision and Research Team members

For available PhD projects: For Project Details Click Here

  • Sex hormones, cognition and aging
  • Cognitive functioning and emotion processing during the menopause transition
  • Impact of type and timing of childhood adversity on adult cognition and psychopathology

Current PhD Supervision

  • Jacqueline Riddiford PhD Student, The Mirror Neuron System and Autism Spectrum Disorder: An investigation into visual processing influences

  • Tanya Gilmartin, PhD Student,  The relationship between dimensional models of personality pathology and disordered eating behaviour

  • Brad Stolz-Grobusch PhD Student, Characterisation of subgroups in Borderline Personality Disorder and the potential for Cognitive Bias Modification training

  • Paige Gray, PhD Student, Characterising premenstrual dysphoric disorder 

Current Neuropsychology registrar supervision

  • Dr Melanie Emonson

 Current Post-doctoral Supervions

  • Dr Natalie Thomas

  • Dr Elizabeth Thomas 

Current (2020) honours supervision

  • Brienna Altman

  • Kali Fabiatos  

Current (2020) medical student research placement supervision

  • Taran Giddey

  • Jessica Le

Completed PhD Candidates Supervision

  • Elizabeth Thomas (Monash University, PhD, 2019)
  • Sean Carruthers (Swinburne University, PhD, 2019)
  • Sacha Filia (Monash University, PhD 2016)
  • Phillip Law (Monash University, PhD 2017)
  • Mehrnaz Shoushstarian (Monash University, PhD  2008).
  • Kay McCauley (Monash University, PhD 2009)

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